Teaching and Learning with Wikis

Growing body of literature about wikis

Augar, Raitman & Zhou, 2004
Overview of the wiki format; description of an icebreaker exercise using wikis at Deakin University in Australia

Parker & Chao, 2007
Focuses on the wiki as a teaching tool, and connects wikis to various teaching and learning paradigms: notably cooperative/collaborative, constructivist, and cognitive apprenticeship; Great section on using the wiki for student writing projects

Ramanau & Geng, 2009
Findings of a UK study that investigated the uses of wikis for group work in higher education. One of the findings suggested that we should not overestimate the tech experience of traditional aged college students, and cannot make assumptions about prior experience with online learning and instructional technology

Svendsen & Mondahl, 2011
Tools for Teaching the Digital Natives

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