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Using Wiki to promote integration of learning
I incorporated a wiki into a study abroad experience to encourage students to reflect,
connect what they were doing inside and outside of the classroom, and collaborate with one
another on their final projects/papers.
Jim Barber,
How to use and assess the quality of wikis in the distance online environment
As the Quality Assurance Officer I am interested in how we may assess the quality of wiki assessments in the online environment
Pamela Dottin
Using wikis to coordinate student clubs
I am interested in using wikis to exchange information across students responsible for collaborative work but have no set meeting times or hard deadlines. Example: model UN
Aubrey Westfall
Using wikis for book project
Three authors collaborated to write a textbook for an upcoming course within a very short period of time; after a brainstorm on what the contents of the book were to be, a wiki was opened for each chapter, and authors would co-write and co-edit, which speeded up the process. The result: Professional Oral Communication in English (
Lisbet Pals Svendsen
Wikis for collaborative research.
I am interested in how wikis could be used for collaborative student projects, including research projects.
Roger Schultz,