"Wiki" is Hawaiian for "Quick"

(Leuf & Cunningham, 2001)

Wiki Links

The most well-known wiki:


Wikispaces (Free)

Moodle Wiki Module

A wiki is an easily editable website, a tool first introduced in 1994 by Ward Cunningham; the term “wiki” is the Hawaiian word for “quick” (Leuf & Cunningham, 2001). This technology has been used in educational settings as a teaching tool, assessment instrument, and vehicle for collaboration (Augar, Raitman & Zhou, 2004; Parker & Chao, 2007; Ramanau & Geng, 2009). The wiki format allows students to effortlessly link to content within the wiki itself, as well as external sites, facilitating crossing contexts and disciplinary boundaries, and creating an opportunity for the integration of learning. Wikis are increasingly available to college educators and learners at no cost, via campus-based instructional technology services and course delivery software packages such as Blackboard and Moodle.